Our management team offers high-quality strategic advice and hybrid financing solutions to institutional and corporate clients. We combine knowledge and experience with the aim of providing global access to capital markets around the world. We provide access to equity and debt capital markets, restructuring balance sheets and managing assets and liabilities.

We help our clients evaluate strategic options for mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, takeovers and spin-offs. Conset Capital can provide clients with a complete financial package offering capital management, product structuring, acquisition financing and capital raising advice.

Our offices are in London, Milan, Rome.



Worry-free solutions for your business

A different approach

At Conset we believe that the spirit with which your company was founded is a fundamental part of its future growth. We are here to not only provide businesses and investors with the catalysts for sustained growth, but also to use the same principles and methods to advance finance as the next generation diversified financial company.

Unique solutions

Our exceptional team is what drives our evolution. Each individual displays both pragmatism and creativity in their work, each contributing to the knowledge base that serves as the core of Conset. We are dreamers and achievers who encourage exploration and pursue executive excellence daily, and we use this unique interaction to constantly evolve, improve, and chart new paths forward.

Quality over quantity

We value diversity of thought. We look “outside the box” and constantly seek to innovate. Our priority is to focus on identifying, measuring and controlling risk. We believe two pairs of eyes are better than one. We are totally dedicated to the interests of our investors. We put them at the center of everything we do.

What do we do

Mergers and acquisitions
business Finance

The M&A department develops and executes innovative, customized solutions for challenging tasks. The mergers and acquisitions team excels in domestic and international transactions including acquisitions, divestitures, mergers, joint ventures, corporate restructurings, recapitalizations, spin-offs, exchange offers, leveraged buyouts. We organize the issuance of bonds for small and medium-sized businesses.

Real estate
Corporate real estate

Our RE team is multidisciplinary, allowing us to have extensive background and experience in residential and commercial development, asset management and real estate lending. We can advise on everything from financial procurement to acquisitions and disposals of assets and portfolios, from structuring commercial transactions to supporting the entire RE decision-making process.

Companies listed
Hybrid financing

We structure  flexible and innovative financing for listed small and medium-sized businesses to develop and expand their business. We work with companies to provide them with structured debt and equity products that meet their specific needs and constraints.

We strengthen our relationship by offering ancillary financing and consultancy services. We pride ourselves on easing our clients’ transition from equity financing to debt financing.

Illiquid asset
Special situations

NPLs are bad debts owed to banks that debtors are unable to repay regularly or at all.

We are consultants in the European NPL market and have considerable knowledge and experience in the European region regarding NPL relationships and portfolios, as well as developments in the distressed loan portfolio market. We work alongside you and bring added value.