International company and local strategic partner

Investment banking

Conset Capital is a full-service independent investment advisor with a broad suite of world-class advisory and capital raising capabilities for companies across Europe. Our presence in the UK and Italy allows us to be both an international player and local strategic partner.

We have become a strategic partner for domestic companies that seek opportunities for growth and development internationally. Our seasoned professionals have decades of experience at bulge and growth-focused firms that drives their ability to identify differentiated opportunities for our client partners.


Financial Adv

We help clients assess strategic options for mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, takeover defence and spin-offs and can assist clients with access to equity and debt capital markets, restructuring balance sheets and managing assets and liabilities. Conset Capital is able to deliver a complete financing package to clients by offering capital management, product structuring, acquisition finance and capital raising advice.


   Debt Advisory

Our advice focuses on analyzing the financial requirements of companies and identifying the most appropriate and sustainable form of debt. We assist them in the search for potential investors and guarantee direct access to major foreign institutional investors (Hedge Funds, Private Equity Funds, Private Debt Funds, Pensions Funds and Holdings Company). If necessary, we could intervene directly in the operation through our funds.


Estate market

Our real estate investment banking team provides human and capital resources to facilitate real estate financing for operations, acquisitions and follow-on or public offerings. Our team’s deep understanding and expertise provides meaningful assistance across the commercial realty landscape. From financing to strategic acquisition or divestiture in various specialized real estate niches. We are also available to structure a guarantee for any real estate acquisitions.


Corporate Lending 

Conset’s client-centric approach is the principal ingredient to its success:  Corporate & Institutional banking is here first and foremost to listen to and understand clients’ needs. The division’s critical mass, global reach and the expertise of its teams are key to fulfilling these needs. We are also specialized in Lending transaction.The lending contract is structured through the issue of convertible notes into shares.